Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about GCC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

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Table of Contents

1. Which Board is the school affiliated to?

GCC International School is affiliated with the ICSE Board (Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination) Affiliated No. MA249.

2. What grades does GCC International School serve?

We offer education for students from Nursery to Grade 10.

3. How many students in each division?

GCC International School believes in maintaining quality education and thus maintains a student strength of 36 students in each division of primary and secondary sections. For pre-primary, student strength of 25 students in each division is maintained.

4. Which curriculum does school follow?

The school follows the ICSE curriculum.

5. How many sections does the school have?

GCC school has three sections.

– Pre-primary Section – Nursery, Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg

– Primary Section – Grade 1 – 4

– Secondary Section – Grade 5 – 10

6. How many terms does the School follow?

The School has two semesters as per the ICSE norms.

7. What is the school’s policy on uniforms/dress code?

GCC International School has a uniform policy that promotes a safe and respectful learning environment. Specific details can be found in our student handbook or the School Admin Office.

8. What is the infrastructure / features of your School?

We have a state-of-the art infrastructure that includes centralized air-conditioned campus, digital classrooms, an exclusive floor dedicated to learning laboratories, spacious Library, S.T.E.A.M lab, Dance/Music and Skill Studio, 500 seater Auditorium, Multi-purpose Turf and much more.

9. What is the Sports Integration Program?

GCC International School offers an integrated sports program as a part of the school curriculum. In-house expert coaches train our students in Swimming, Gymnastic, Football, Cricket, and Yoga.

10. Does the School promote Skill Development?

Yes. GCC International School promotes Skill Development and has incorporated various skill- based programs such as financial literacy skill, hospitality skills that aim to enhance our student’s learning experience. Each skill-based program is age-appropriate and designed to compliment the curriculum.

11. How can I contact my child’s teacher or the school staff?

– Parents can connect with the child’s teacher through the parent portal app MCB. In case of an emergency, the school staff can be contacted through our school admin office on 7710046955 / 8828846955 at designated school hours only.
– Additionally, for any academic related queries, parents can personally meet the respective teacher’s on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.

10. How often will there be PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting)?

For grades 1 to 10, PTM is conducted once in 3 months. For the pre-primary section, every month ‘Coffee Meets’ is conducted.

11. Do you have a canteen facility?

Yes, the Canteen facility is provided for the convenience of students and school staff. Our canteen provides healthy and nutritious meals. It is an optional facility.

12. How can I stay updated on school news and announcements?

You can stay informed by regularly checking our website, MCB (My Class Board) portal, and following us on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook.

13. What options are available for after-school activities?

GCC International School offers after-school activity programs. Kindly connect with our school admin team on 07710046955 / 8828846955.

1. What is the admission process ? How do I enroll my child at GCC International School ?

Admission process at GCC International School is smooth and transparent. To know about the admission process, please click here. Alternatively, you may also contact our admissions office at 7710046955 / 8828846955 or email at info@gccinternationalschool.com

2. Is my child eligible for an admission in the ICSE school, if he/she is currently studying in the State Board/CBSE/IGCSE board?

Yes, he/she will be eligible for an admission even if he/she is from any other board after successful ‘Appraisement’ of the child by the school authorities.

3. What is the fee structure of the School?

Please feel free to connect with the school admin office 7710046955 / 8828846955 for fee details.

1. What is the mode of fee payment?

Fee payments can be made online (through parent portal app), credit / debit card and current dated cheque only.*Charges as applicable.

2. In how many instalments can the fee be paid?

– Admission Fee (one-time) at the time of admission.
– Tuition Fee and Term Fee is collected on a quarterly basis.
– Transport Fee (if opted) is collected annually.
– Cafeteria (if opted) is collected annually or on-charge basis.

3. Do you collect any deposit or donation at the time of admission?

NO. We do NOT collect any deposit or take any form of donation.

1. What is a Student Enrichment Centre ? Does your school have a counsellor ?

Yes. GCC International School has a Student Enrichment Centre with a qualified, full-time Student Counsellor to provide personalized support to each student.

2. Does the School have an infirmary?

– Yes. GCC International School has an on-campus infirmary that is staffed by a full-time qualified nurse to provide medical assistance and care to our students in case of any health-related issues.
– The infirmary is equipped with a first-aid medical kit and a dedicated examination room.
– The student’s medical records are also updated in the Infirmary.

3. Will the school authorities be taking adequate measures to ensure hygiene in the school?

GCC International School maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. There are regular checks and monitoring by the school facilities department.

4. What is the kind of security offered to the students?

GCC International School campus has installed CCTV in the school premises. The School also has trained security officers and guards on duty to restrict unauthorized movements. ID cards are mandatory for entry within school premises. Pre-Primary students are always accompanied by classroom teachers and support staff.

5. Does GCC International School offer transportation services?

We provide transportation services for interested students at selected locations / routes. Kindly connect with our Transport Supervisor on 9136437319 on working days. You may also send an email on info@gccinternationalschool.com

6. Do you have your own transportation facility ? What are the services provided?

Yes, we have our own school buses and transportation facility operating on extensive routes. Safety is our primary concern and hence all government norms are strictly adhered to. Our School buses have trained school bus drivers, lady attendants, speed governors, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, CCTV cameras (front and rear) and GPS trackers.