We firmly believe that informal education plays a very important role in child’s development which helps a child to be exposed to a multitude of experiences, as opposed to being solely focused on book-learning, is the kind of child who grows up to excel socially, emotionally and professionally in a inter-dependent and complex world. These influences are gently introduced into the child’s perspective over his or her time at GCC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Co-Curricular programmes at GCC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL range from Sports and Creative Arts , to Field Trips , Community Outreach and Internships , helping develop interpersonal, leadership and communication skills in children. Year-round literary and cultural competitions called the Tournaments of Minds, and the House system we have in place reinforce team spirit and confidence. These activities give children the impetus, in an atmosphere of constructive and healthy competition to discover individual talents, work in collaboration and to become high achievers.

Sports Development Program

GCC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL gives huge emphasis on sport. We aim to create an awareness of the crucial importance of regular physical activity and fitness, teamwork and a keen, positive competitive spirit, and of carrying these forward to adulthood. In our view, nothing equips children better for life than participating in sport.

Sport is compulsory for all our students from Pre School to Grade 4 as per the time table schedule for the academic year.

We have developed this program to create a progressive and systematic approach to physical education and higher development in sports training at the school level. The programme for the different age / grade levels is as follows:

  • Playgroup to Sr. Kg: Basics for motor development skills / gross movement patterns  / fun with sports and fitness.
  • Primary Level ( Grade 1 to Grade4); Exposure to multiple sports / track & field.

We teach younger children how to train the various systems of the human body (e.g. the Balance system, Power system, Strength system, etc.) using various fun activities like the Climbing Wall (for strength and balance) and speed and agility drills (to enhance performance in their chosen sports).

  • Trained coaches guide children in team and individual sports like swimming, skating, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis as well as athletics.
  • Annual Sports Days applaud spirit and skills on the sports field and healthy inter-house competition. All students are expected to participate in at least all events.